Emergency Backup Generator Northwest ARA power outage in the home can be a frightening event, especially if severe weather is right outside your door. However, there’s another option to being left in the dark: an emergency generator. When the grid is down because of storms, hurricanes, freezing temperatures, or other natural disasters, it’s never certain how long it will take to restore power to homes. In order to stay prepared, having a emergency backup generator in place will provide your home with temporary power during an emergency.

Permanent or portable Emergency Backup Generator?

There are two types of generators: permanent standby generators and portable generators. Each carries benefits and drawbacks, so make an informed decision based on the geography of your home and how much power you’ll need if the lights go out.

Permanent standby generators

These remain permanently outside the home and on standby. They run on an existing fuel source—either liquid propane or natural gas—and are capable of generating enough wattage to re-energize your home only seconds after it loses power. That’s because the permanent generator works in conjunction with a transfer switch to monitor incoming utility voltage. When your home’s power goes out, the transfer switch will disconnect the utility line and connect a new power line from the generator to restore power within seconds.

Due to the sheer amount of power that permanent standby generators are capable of providing, they carry a hefty price tag. However, the cost has come down during the past few years, making them more affordable. In addition, licensed electricians must install these generators, and your local utility company must be notified that you have a back-up system in place. However, if you live in an area that consistently sees power outages, this type of generator may be a good option and the best possible preparation money can buy. Also, if you live in a climate that is consistently very cold and plagued with ice storms, this generator may prove worthwhile to power your furnace and hot water heater, to keep your home warm and your pipes from freezing in the event of a prolonged power outage.

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